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Ninh Thuan
With the unique Champa tower architecture, traditionally diverse festivals, more pristine beaches and mature vineyards, promises to bring visitors many interesting experiences about sunny land of Ninh Thuan.


Coming to Ninh Thuan tourism, visitors can immerse themselves in the waves of Ca Na sea wind, Mui Dinh, Vinh Hy bay, Ninh Chu, admire the mysterious beauty of Po Klong Garai Tower - one of the famous long-standing remains of the Champa kingdom, and visiting the famous weaving villages of the Cham My Nghiep people, enjoying the sculptural art in Bau Truc pottery village, unleashed with the beauty of the splendor Nam Cuong sand hill - its transformation is flexible according to the wind.

Ninh Thuan tourism
Ca Na Sea - Ninh Thuan



Car: From the bus station in the field, ride the Que Huong car. Or Tuan Tu, Lien Hung, and Hoang Anh cars welcome guests at Le Hong Phong Street, Quoc Trung cars on Tran Phu Street. The running time of these vehicles is from 17 hours onwards and the destination is Phan Rang bus station. You should choose the travel time around 9pm to 4pm to Phan Rang bus station.

Train: From SG station - Phan Rang station. If you take the fast train, it takes 6 hours to watch the boat. You should also take the train in the evening to Phan Rang until morning. Ticket prices for soft bed are air-conditioned about 280 K / ticket (price in January 2010).

Aircraft: In Phan Rang, there is no airport, so you have to buy tickets to Cam Ranh airport and then go to a car or travel car to Phan Rang. Cam Ranh Airport is about 60km from Phan Rang.

Arrive in Phan Rang, you can rent motorbikes in hotels.


If the distance from your departure to Phan Rang fluctuates in a 300km glass table, you can completely plan a trip by motorbike or car with friends. For a distance of 300km, you should use public transport to be safe.

Note to bring full time paper and comply with road traffic safety laws. sunglasses, gloves, masks for safe operation. Phone equipment with googel map function for moving parties.


Ninh Thuan is in the South Central Coast, so the climate is hot, dry and accompanied by wind. The rainy season starts in September and ends in November, the rest is the dry season.

Tourists can travel any season but preferably July, August, September and October. This is the time when ripe grapes and you will be able to participate in unique traditional festivals of Cham people where here.



This land used to be the capital of Panduranga of the ancient Champa Kingdom. Phan Rang town was established according to the mandate of Khai Dinh issued on August 4, 1917. Before 1976, Phan Rang was the provincial capital of Ninh Thuan province.From 1976 to 1991, when Ninh Thuan province merged with Binh Thuan province (including Binh Tuy province of Vietnam) into Thuan Hai province, Phan Rang was no longer the provincial capital of Ninh Thuan province, but belonging to Thuan Hai province.

Phan Rang Sea


Departing from the town of Phan Rang according to provincial road 702, passing through the pass through the apricot trees and the yellow leaves, featured for the hot and dry southern climate. Somewhere a fishing village lurks on the smooth white sand, waves of waves crashing incessantly and amidst the calm blue water, each herd of anchovies bravely swim around the boat.

Vinh Hy tourist area


5km from Phan Rang town to the east (in the direction of Ngo Gia Tu street extending to Ninh Hai) is in Khanh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district. Ninh Chu beach is a beautiful beach, with a length of 10km, a flat arc-shaped beach, surrounded by poplar forests and Da Chong mountains, Tan An mountain, Ca Su mountain ... very suitable for activities. Travel such as swimming, windsurfing, fishing, yachting, mountain climbing, hunting. Ninh Chu's climate is cool and sunny all year round. There is Ninh Chu international hotel (2 stars) of Ninh Thuan tourism company and other services for tourists.

Ninh Chu beach


Ca Na , an impressive name on the map of Vietnam and the world, where there are mountains, forests, sea, and even a unique Cham culture. Natural beauty combined with cultural beauty has created a tourist paradise, attracting many tourists. The beach is located on National Highway 1A 30km from the center of Phan Rang town to the south.

Ca Na tourist village


Po Klong Garai Tower is the common name for the most majestic and beautiful Cham towers in Vietnam. Po Klong Garai tower is a whole consisting of three towers: the main tower (20.5m high), the fire tower (9.31m high), the gate tower (8.56m high). This work has the highest level of architecture, art and sculpture. The tower has been classified as a architectural art monument by the Ministry of Culture in 1979. Poklong Garai Tower is located on Trau Hill, in Do Vinh Ward, 9km northwest of Phan Rang-Thap Cham City Center, built into At the end of the 13th and early 14th centuries (during Shihavaman's reign, the Vietnamese called Che Man) to worship King Po Klong Garai (1151-1205), the king had great merits in ruling the country.

Po Klong Garai Tower


Deo Ngoan Muc , also known as Song Pha Pass is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Vietnam in Ninh Thuan province, along the mountainside connecting Ninh Son valley with Lang Biang plateau. The name of the pass partly reflects its appeal.

Ngoan Muc Pass


Nui Chua National Park is located in the northeast of Ninh Thuan province, in Ninh Hai district, about 20km from Phan Rang - Thap Cham city. Characteristics: Nui Chua National Park is home to Vietnam's rare and unique drought forest ecosystem, dubbed the "African Dry Forest in Vietnam" with rich flora and fauna resources. quantity as well as categories.

Nui Chua National Park


The pagoda was built in 1924 by the monk Tran Quang - Chon Niem, the 42nd generation of Lam Te lineage. The inherited Venerable Nhu Dang (from 1929 to 1935), Buu Hien (from 1935 to 1957) and Minh Tam ( from 1959). The pagoda was restored in 1964. The pagoda face is built in the south, surrounded by rice fields. In front of the pagoda there is lotus lake, between the statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. The pagoda opened the Great Precepts in the year of Dinh Mao (1927), and the Venerable top was Thich Chon Niem.

Trung Khanh Pagoda


Thong Thanh Khanh author in the book Ninh Thuan Pagoda (Ho Chi Minh City Publishing House, 2000) said the pagoda was built by Thay Nhu Xuan in the year of Mau Ngo (1918). The pagoda was founded by King Bao Dai Ban in the year of Binh Ty (1936). Buddha's power is solemnly decorated. In the center, the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is adored, in front of the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha entering nirvana. The two sides worship the Bodhisattva Guan Yin and the Bodhisattva Bodhisattva; in front of worshiping the Dharma statue and the Tieu Dien statue The pagoda also preserves precious statues like the statue of Amitabha Buddha with earthenware, Tieu Dien statue ...

Kim Son Pagoda


The architecture of the gate of the National Assembly, the roof of matches. The front yard adhered to the statue of Bodhisattva Guan Yin standing on the lotus in the lotus pond. Buddha's power is respectful. In the center, the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is placed in the front, placed the statue of Amitabha Buddha (Non Nuoc stone statue, Da Nang, created by the Nha Trang group of workers at the temple), the statue of Thich Ca Dan being born; The two sides worship the Bodhisattva Guan Yin and the Great Bodhisattva Bodhisattva statue. To the right of the pagoda is a 24m high bell tower

Dieu An Pagoda


The temple was founded in 1927. It was originally a workshop by Mrs. Vo Thi Huong, mandarin wife Nguyen Toai, who donated to Venerable Thich Tri Thang to build Thien Hung pagoda. The pagoda was founded by King Bao Dai Ban in the Year of the Cat (1939). Buddha's power is solemnly decorated. In the center, the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is meditated, in front of the set of Tam Ton Amitabha statue (Amitabha Buddha, Bodhisattva Quan The Yin and the Bodhisattva Bodhisattva). The temple worshiped the two sides to put the Bodhisattva Bodhisattva statue and Bodhisattva Samantabhadra.

Thien Hung Pagoda


The pagoda is often called the Buddhist temple of Phan Rang, located at No. 56, August 21, Phan Rang - Thap Cham town, Ninh Thuan province. Tel: 068.823467. The pagoda belongs to the Northern tradition. The pagoda was built by Nguyen Khac Thieu, Phan Ba Thuc, Nguyen Xuan Can and Bui Duong, from 1947 to 1956. In the Buddhist temple, there is a statue of Buddha Shakyamuni weighing 500kg and a statue of Buddha. The common rose was 1,50m high, cast in 1964. The statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara and lotus lake was built in 1989.

Sung An Pagoda


Coming to Ninh Thuan, the land is sunny, windy and sandy, you not only admire the wild beauty of famous beaches such as Ninh Chu, Vinh Hy bay, Ca Na sea ... visit the mysterious ancient Champa towers or hills. Nam Cuong sand dreaming, but also enjoy many strange, delicious and attractive dishes such as: a sunny squid, cake base, banh xeo, chicken rice, thunder, sheep, goat ....


Phan Rang heaven and earth four seasons of intense sun so the chicken hunted back tough, fragrant, sweet and unmatched.The chicken used to cook rice is just a lump-laying hens. Because according to experienced cooks, chicken meat is very light and very soft, chickens over two batches are tough meat, while new hens lay the first eggs, the new meat is delicious.

There is a kind of sauce that makes up the special flavor of Phan Rang chicken rice: fish sauce is mixed with garlic chilli paste or with dry roasted chilli salt. Eating Phan Rang chicken rice will be lacking if there is no dish of laksa leaves. When eating Phan Rang chicken rice, you should use your hand to tear the chicken pieces, put a little salt and chili, chew carefully to eat a spoonful of rice, you will feel the sweetness of the chicken, the fat, the fleshy of rice. Hold a spoonful of sour water and you will see the feeling of spreading, spreading to the end of the appetite.


Thunderstorms are a type of reptile that lives in hot, sandy dunes like a lizard but very agile. Thunderstorms living in caves, in the morning dreamed of sand hills to eat young shoots and drink night dew, so that the meat was fragrant, hunting and sweet, considered a tonic. White thunderstorms like chicken, which are sweet, fleshy and softer, bones are very soft, almost cartilage. From thunderstorms, Ninh Thuan people process into seven different dishes called thunder 7 dishes: roasted thunderstorms, roasted salads , thunderstorm porridge, thunderstorms exposed to rice paper , tamarind leaf stalk hot pot each processing for people to eat a different feeling, smelling delicious and sweet bacon smell strange, unforgettable.


The ink of a sunny and aromatic taste is soft and sweet because of the very special taste of the sun, the wind and the salty taste of Ninh Thuan sea. Unlike normal dry inks, to have a sunny ink, one must choose from the squid brought from the sea and still fresh, then only only one sun exposure. The ink exposures are also a miracle to make the body outside the ink is completely empty but the inside of the squid meat is still fresh and when baked, the ink still retains the freshness, the flesh is white and fragrant and flexible.


Local people in Ninh Thuan and some other places also call conical snails as "her breasts" because of the shape similar to the mound of women. The conch can be made into many delicious dishes, the simplest is boiling and baking. A little more picky is a salad. Pruning snail through clean water and leave the whole thing in the boiled pot. Occasionally, chopsticks must be used to make the meat cooked evenly because the body is thick and large. When boiled, the person brings the snail meat out, cutting out the green mucus to remove the waste. Snail meat is finely chopped to taste. Ingredients mix salad with snail meat is bacon, thin cucumber, laksa leaves and peanut pounded, onion ... Mixed juice snail cone is lemon juice mixed with sugar and some anchovy fish sauce so that It has a sour and sweet sweet taste, sometimes with the aroma of Ca Na specialty fish sauce.Sprinkle lemon juice on snail meat, bacon, cucumber, coriander ... and mix well on spice-absorbent snail and spread peanuts and onion on top.


Visiting the city of Phan Rang - Thap Cham is sure you will not be able to ignore the delicious seafood specialties of the sea such as crabs, crabs, snails, snails, velvet snails, shellfish, Fresh oysters, scallops, oysters, all kinds of fish, shrimp .. Fresh seafood, so on steamed or baked, more picky, give a bit of onion and roasted fat is the best. Because if you give too many extra materials, it will lose the unique flavor of each type.


In addition to familiar seafood delicacies, the very specific and famous cuisine of Ninh Thuan is dishes made from goat meat or sheep. Ninh Thuan Sheep Goat is released naturally, closely resembles mountain goats, so the meat is firm, delicious, lean, low in fat. Feed of goats and sheep is grass, grape leaves, apple leaves, sweet potato, spinach, etc. When using goat, sheep meat is not afraid of weight gain, industrial food such as pork, chicken, duck meat.

The dishes are very famous from sheep goats in Ninh Thuan such as roasted sheep, roasted sheep ... or 7-dish goats, goats.Goat meat, lamb meat are very good for health, especially for men, fostering the health of the elderly with items such as goat hotpot, goat meat stewed with herbs, yang yang and Chinese medicine, jade wine positive ... good for women after giving birth as a goat legged stew, goat stewed papaya ... Currently, at Posanu tower, visitors will be treated with traditional goat meat of Cham people. After enjoying the Cham music and dance show, visitors are invited to the culinary area to enjoy Cham food.


Co occasion to Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan you can not ignore the baked baked onion, a rustic dish but very delicious and unique.Rice paper must be made from flour of delicious season rice rice combined with sesame seeds and coated with moderate thickness. The chop must choose the best type of scallop, make the right seasoning, and then the stock is good. Grilled charcoal must be a kind of charcoal and must always be red, the new bread will be ripe and smell good. When used, grilled on embers and quickly scooped with delicious spice mixed with many other spices, sprinkled with onion fat, add some spicy red chili sauce and quickly beat the egg, sweeping the cake surface.

When eating, use to cut the cake into pieces to fit and slowly enjoy the strong flavors of the sauce, the aromatic fat of the onion, the spicy chili sauce, the deliciousness of the eggs and the crispness of the cake, the fleshy taste of the sauce. It was so delicious, so wonderful, it made everyone call a few more pies.


Ninh Thuan has traditional dishes with typical characteristics, eating well without being bored, rich in the taste of the sea, including pancakes. Different from the places where Ninh Thuan pancake guests are poured in terracotta molds, placed in a round oven (about 4-5 molds). The cake does not need a lot of oil to cover the mold, the amount of powder is just thick enough to create crispness without losing the ductility of the cake. When eating, add a little fresh price. Fish sauce to dot pancake is mixed with pounded peanuts, slightly pale to be able to put the cake into the cup of fish sauce without being salty.

Pancakes include bean sprouts, shrimp, squid or meat. Ninh Thuan people eat pancakes in a different way. They do not wrap pancakes in rice paper with raw vegetables, herbs and so on for every hot cake that has just come out in the cup of prepared sauce.


If you have the opportunity to Ninh Thuan without trial cake base, then it is an omission, bitter, spicy, biting makes those who once tasted the rustic cake will never forget.

Cake base is similar to banh khot, but made of glutinous rice flour, on a charcoal stove is a clay mold with up to a dozen small molds like a cake mold. The pourers have experience how to make the cake when it comes out of the mold, it must be crispy, both porous and flexible, the crust must be yellow and white but not burnt, like that of the new cake to meet the requirements.If the fried rice cake is cooked with grease, the base cake is cooked with terracotta mold so it is not eaten quickly. Fish sauce with bread soup has many types such as water sauce, peanut sauce, fish sauce and fish sauce. Seasoning sauce is made with the fish sauce, add some tamarind, pineapple (pineapple) or star fruit to create acidity, soothe the salty taste of the sauce.When eating, the shopkeeper took the cake from the mold, dipped it in the onion bowl to marinate the fat, the aroma as well as to add the green color of some of the flower-making onions to make it more attractive and more delicious. The light crunch of the crust, the softness of the inner powder, the fat of the eggs, the sweetness of the prawns, the crispness of the slices of squid mingled with the aroma, the mild spicy of the sauce, the sourness of the Green mango, delicious ants you don't want to stop.


Ninh Thuan fish cakes soup is a blend of delicious taste of fish, shrimp; The sweet sweetness of the soup made from sea fish is nowhere to be found. The difference of the soup of Ninh Thuan is that the fiber cake made with rice flour is only bigger than normal vermicelli and the water is made with sea fish and fresh water by the fish bone, which is the difference that makes the taste unforgettable. for this dish. Soup in Ninh Thuan is served with fish cakes. It is possible that virtual mackerel or fish are snakeheaded, pounded and fried or steamed and chewy and soft, the sweet taste of the fish is still strong. In addition to steamed fish rolls or fried, connoisseurs and gourmets can get 1 bowl of soup with beam tuna. The broth is cooked with a crisp fire so it is very clear, low in fat, with slender fibers, adding yellow color of fried fish slices. The green of the cilantro, the smell of pepper, and the smell of spices are very attractive. Squeeze a piece of lemon, chan add the chilli sauce, you have a delicious bowl of hot soup.

Soup cake in Ninh Thuan must be hot and delicious, and it must be eaten slowly to feel the sweet taste of fish, the pungent smell of pepper, the flavor of Ninh Thuan fish sauce made entirely from anchovies, plus chewy and tough pieces of fish cakes, sweetness of broth ... surely we will not be unable to use the second bowl.


When it comes to Ninh Thuan, everyone remembers that this place is the home of vines in Vietnam, the sun and wind of Ninh Thuan make the grapes grown in this place especially sweet, the fruit squirts to become Famous specialties. Visiting the lush green flower garden, you can feel the magic of nature through the hard hands of the people here.

Ninh Thuan's grape if it is chilled with cold cheek stones, with friends enjoying the fresh grapes, the sour but sweet taste of the grapes will make you have an appetite, and want to enjoy one more fruit. Not only to eat fresh, Ninh Thuan people after harvesting grapes often bring grapes to make wine. Grape wine is a unique specialty of Ninh Thuan grape, according to the study, every meal of a glass of wine stimulates digestion and helps appetite.


Products from grapes you can buy grapes, grape wine, grape syrup.

In addition, there are other options such as apples or garlic and onions.

To craft villages, you can buy miniature Cham towers, pottery pots, flower pots or other types of pottery-made decorative products.

You can buy brocade jackets, hand-held purses, handbags or scarves to add feminine and charming features to you.


- Clothes, hats, gloves, masks, umbrellas, sunscreen to deal with the sun here.

- Bring personal medicine, mosquito repellent, insect repellent.

- When traveling, always carry a small bottle of water.

- Wear tents, thin coats if you intend to camp

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